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>> phillip garrido is serving a 431 year sentence in kings county. jaycee dugard memoir in the meantime just called a still life has a set sales records including the most
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copybooks household. over all and has sold 175,000 copies since its release on tuesday that includes a printed books, e-book, an audio books. jaycee dugard also opened up for an on- camera interview for the first time this week. we have clips on our web site @ now the case dismissed, that was the announcement today by the san retail district attorney's office in the case involving a man wearing sagging pants onto a plane. all started nearly one month ago on june 15th. deshon marmen was arrested on suspicion of battery after he refused to comply with the crew members on board a u.s. airways plane. they told him to pull up his sagging pants. the incident was captured on youtube. he was then taken into custody and booked into the san the tail county jail. on june 17th his first court appearance was postponed as the prosecutor said that they needed more time to
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review his case. on july 12th his supporters held a rally at city and halt insisting that he was discriminated because he was an african-american they demanded that the case be dropped july 13th the district attorney said that there will not prosecute we spoke with the desk-- district deputy passed as we spoke with the district attorney. >> it boils down to that very point what you think the people walking by as as we have been doing the interview our jurors the citizen in this county will they say i think they would take this case and tell us after the return the verdict of not guilty they would say what are you spending our limited resources on this case for. let them deal with it in another manner. if i thought that we could deal with this and i put my best investigator on this and said if he could get an
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--a conviction i would not go on with it, i feel the same with this is not a cake that belongs in this system. mr. deshon marmen seems like a nice guy when you see him on tv his mother, the interview with her, she seems like a very wonderful woman. i hate that this had to exist. she had come down here bail him out, he had to spend the night that is a shame. >> he believes that the islamic police officers did act appropriately and that deshon marmen could have prevented the situation from escalating u.s. airways release their own statement saying that we welcome the district attorney's decision today and hope that it will help deshon marmen and his family moved past this incident. we to believe that our crew and employees acted professionally in dealing with the unfortunate situation. coming up on kron4 news at 6:00 p.m. we will have reaction from the deshon marmen family about the decision. new tonight at 5:00 p.m. a man suspected of killing this baby was in court today. the child was shot and killed last month,
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his parents were injured in a late-night shooting kron4 j.r. stone has details from court. >> the lawyer from the--for the team accused of murder told me hear the san mateo courthouse that his client is not guilty. this is the 17 year-old charred with margaret--this is the 17 year-old charged with murder of a three month old. yvonne walked out of the court house after he gave his plea. she was shot trying to protect her two children from the two gunmen that opened fire on her family as they look a baby shower last month. the lawyer for varagoza was vocal saying that his client was not the shooter. >> he was at the scene that had nothing to do with the shooting was not aware that shot were being fired in was not his tutor. >> the court hearing -- that she was not the shooter.
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>> i cannot tell you what this court hearing look like because the actual door to the court room was locked i am told by insiders in san mateo county that there was a mistake made. for now, reporting in san the tail county j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> a day of mourning for family and friends of a missing fishermen one day after the search is called off seven of the bay area men were lost in the sea of cortez, their ship capsize earlier this month 19 men made it safely to shore, only one man has been confirmed killed at this point. leslie yee a former san francisco resident. today he was laid to rest. maureen kelly was at the memorial service. >> there were tears and tight hugs and from of the glad tidings church in san francisco where family and friends came to say goodbye to lester yee. >> he was just starting to get into his retirement and
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start to enjoy the rest of his life. >> he lived well and died loving what he'd love to do the best. >> we have to keep those lines tied weather on earth or here in heaven. >> marked when you see here is one of the survivors clinging to a cooler alongside lesley before trying to swim for help. >> he was a very strong man dedicated to his family and so we gave it our all and it is unfortunate that we have to be here today for his funeral. >> some of the mourners are relatives of those still lost at sea. their hearts are that much heavier now the coast guard has suspended the search for their loved ones. >> we do not know what happened where they're at, if there missing if they are in the water or on land. they stopped the search and rescue and that is pulled the plug on your life support. >> not knowing is a terrible feeling. [music]
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>> a live look outside from the golden gate bridge partly sunny skies fog is starting to push back to the coastline but will return. are we are showing fog all the way down the coastline and patchy fog into the east bay but we will see fog again tomorrow morning. 58 san francisco, a little warmer for the inland valleys but still 75 degrees in antioch, 70 in concord well below what we should be for this time of year. it is a little breezy today, when it is at 22 m.p.h. and teens through the rest of the bay area. we will keep the breezy conditions through the evening and of fog start to reform and pushed back into the bay. fog and drizzle on the forecast. we have a warm up in our extended forecast and i will tell you when we will see it coming up in a little bit.
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>> an update to the teen curfew vote in concord, the curfew has been approved and that means that it will be in effect during school hours. first offense--a first offense today warning after that it will mean fines ranging from $100 to $500 depending on the number of infractions. a parent could face fines if he or she knows that a child is not in school. and eight week-old puppy has been returned after being taking from the santa cruz spca a man was the night in adoption and then took off with the puppy. the workers had his name and track him down using facebook they found a puppy at the man's apartment and a dog is now safe and sound awaiting adoption once again. still ahead, we break down the differing opinions that democrats and republicans have on how to handle the federal debt. we show you to locations being considered for a bay area dog park. we give you a sneak peek at the
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drawer 83 --droid 3. and we show you some harry potter information before it hits the screen.
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>> a frustrated president obama reportedly walked out of the meeting today on raising the debt limit. eric says the president angrily told him did not call my bluff i am going to the american people with this, it is new evidence that as the deadline for dealing with the debt limit draws closer and closer republicans and democrats seem to be getting farther and farther apart. >> i fear there we are at that point where things are coming apart. >> the republican head of the house finance committee talking with the head of the federal reserve bank. then vern achy said americas--been breaking set america's inability to pay its debts will throw
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shockwaves throughout america. putting homes, cars, and college education beyond the reach of millions of americans. >> it will be like if you had a car and the beach, the oil out of the engine that is basically the equivalent of what will happen. >> people across america up are saying that the spending is what has to be addressed. >> democrats say that spending cuts alone cannot cut the budget gap, and the huge deficit was actually created by republicans who slashed taxes without reducing spending. when ronald reagan took office in 1981 the u.s. was only $74 billion in debt, his tax cuts and doubled the debt in eight years by the time bill clinton became president the number doubled again. he raised taxes and left office with a budget surplus almost as big as the debt that he inherited. george w.
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bush took that tax cut again it was a whopping half a million dollar debt. now the number was seven times higher under president clinton. there is new pressure from wall street now, today moodys investors service branch to downgrade the countries it rating. they say they will review the aaa bond rating because the white house and congress are running out of time to raise the nation's 14 trillion dollar borrowing limit. >> a look at our or extended forecast, a warmup into next week i will have details coming up in the next few minutes.
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>> taking a live look outside this afternoon from our roof camera over downtown san to destroy very different picture than what we saw yesterday starting to see a little sunshine this afternoon, the fog will
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return, we will see drizzle especially close to the coastline. pettifog will stick with us in the later afternoon hours temperatures will cool a little more. the winds will be just as breezy this afternoon take a look at the fog tracker this afternoon not as extensive as what we saw out there this morning. at 9:00 a.m. it will scale back to the bayshore also down to the peninsula. it shows the north bay and the clear but i think we will see a lingering little longer into tomorrow morning. into the afternoon it will cling to oakland and hayward and the peninsula. finally pushing back to san francisco and later afternoon hours. temperatures will look like this.
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>> a look at your kron4 seven day around the day forecast not a lot of change over the next few days, fog the cool morning with the drizzle close to the coastline the afternoons on the cooler side only in the low '70s the next couple of days in the inland valleys. we will warm up into next week, temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s by mid next week. >> we have been away sharks playoff tickets and 3d tvs now we are helping book worms and casual readers. we're giving away 10 the reader--e-readers it is truly a portable device for
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people on the go that want the convenience of having a lot of books with them without hassle of carrying them around. it is user friendly. take a look at the next video if you're wondering how you enter, the sweepstakes takes place on the kron4 facebook fan page in order to enter, go to the home page look on the left- hand side click on the urete--e-reader sweepstakes. go to the kron4 facebook fan page click like and into now. >> checking traffic on the golden gate bridge, no problem at all. we will be back with a lot more news after the break. ♪
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[ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. >> this happened in upstate new york sale of about 40 mi. north east. neighbors say family of five live in the home and there were the
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people visiting one witnesses that the explosion could be felt the--a mile away. >> this daughter said that she doused her father with gasoline and then placed a candle on his chest. in texas, a man accused of sexually assaulting a child was killed by a police officer, the police found a georgia man hiding inside of the home in fort worth, the swat team surrounded the house after the suspect barricaded himself inside, the fort worth police said that the man tried to escape through a back door while he was holding a gun, that is when the officers opened fire. >> a live look outside downtown san for cisco showing some bricks of sun this afternoon, but the fog will be back very shortly i will have details on that plus a warmup in store later on in the forecast both those things coming up in just a little bit. i want to crush more cars.
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and >> oakland police have a murder suspect behind bars. they say that if the kill the leadership preparatory academy high school student as a result in a dispute between the two basic tips in the community led directly to his arrest, kron4 hazzig manyud has learned that oakland police are now asking for the community's help once again to solve a recent violent armed robbery and the city's district. >> the blood stains on the front door of this residence on to beef up avenue in oakland indicates just how close a 19 year-old man was 2 entering the city of his home prior to being shot by an armed robber 9:30 p.m. tuesday night. it happened shortly after the victim a 19 year-old asian male pulled his car into the
5:30 pm
driveway as he exited the vehicle he was approached by a suspect who wanted his backpack. the oakland police say when the victim refused, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him, robbed the victim of his backpack and took off running. neighbors asked not to show their faces with a said the street have experienced a minor crimes before, but nothing like this. >> you know stolen cars, sometimes a lot of strangers go around the neighborhood but nothing like that, that is a big deal for our street. >> any information big or small. >> jason scott says investigators hope that with the trend of community members coming forth continues investigator said that they have few leads in this case. >> members of the community are tired of these crimes going on and it went to see something done we know and i believe they know that we have to work together to be able to solve some of the crimes. >> and news around the bay, senses the police are searching for a man that
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robbed a financial district bank. it happened about 3:15 p.m. on monday afternoon on the 500 block of montgomery street they said the man handed the bank teller a note, then gave her a bag the teller filled it with cash and the robber took off. in east palo alto the police are trying to identify the person is not a 90 year-old woman earlier this morning as it was in the car when someone opened fire, to others in the car were not hit, the woman is being treated at the hospital. new figures show that airport security breaches happened somewhere in the country every day there are an average of 5 per year and every airport. emily has more on the push from washington to find out what is working and what is not to keep people flying safe. >> the airport security line is a fact of life for travelers and today lawmakers says so too is the continuing threat of terrorism. >> in my personal opinion a lot of the things that we have concurred--then in its
5:32 pm
security theater and that is not secure enough. >> more than 14,000 involved people entering in secured areas, 6000 more read his of improper or failed tsa screenings or not screening them at all, breaches include everything from people that invade security to those that accidentally leave a back at the checkpoint. but the tsa spokesperson says that is a tiny fraction of the 1% of the million travelers screen. >> what is the current most serious risk that we face? >> right now in terms of nonmetallic explosives on airplanes coming in from overseas. >> on the members of congress wonder if full body images can detect explosives as well as
5:33 pm
options like these trained dogs. >> good girl, give the dog a hand. >> the search for the best line of defense continues along with the search for those that are trying to out witt it. >> on a live look outside this afternoon from the mount tancam. a little more sunshine today than what we saw yesterday but that fog will return into the overnight hours current conditions are pretty cool along the coastline. fog is not clear from those locations. 59 half moon bay, 60 and redwood city are inland valleys are in the upper 60s this afternoon, 76 antioch one of the warmer spots, 77 said rosa and upper 60s and low '70s down in the south bay. winds are little breezy out there this afternoon 22 mi. per hour winds out there. wind speeds in the teens. it is quite breezy and will stay that way until the late evening hours. take a look at
5:34 pm
tonight into tomorrow, we have fog and drizzle once again close to the coastline we could see them in and as well. cool to mild, will see a couple of degrees of cooling in some spots tomorrow afternoon. dense fog returning thursday night we have changes in the forecast and i will have details coming up. >> this a dog park is drawing barks from both parts of the--both sides of the fans. owners are not sure where to go. the space was made at macarthur and lake shore but the opponents of that plan want the park out of sight in an oak grove behind children's fairyland. we take a closer look at both locations and tell us what all the parking is about. >> in 2006 oakland officials approved a plan to establish an off leash area near the intersection of
5:35 pm
macarthur and lakeshore. under the original plan a half acre of this grassy lawn area will be fenced off for the dog park. right now visitors you to play soccer, a frisbee, and volleyball asked a short distance away there is a children's playground. but critics from a group called save astro park want to block that because they want this area to remain as an open space and do not want sex and off for their dogs. dog owners have been diligently working on a plan to make the park a reality for the last five years. >> this dog park will be lovely to look at it already has volunteers, it has had more than $25,000 worth of volunteer architectural and design to go into the plan. you cannot say that for the other location. >> she has little interest in the other location that is hidden from view and in oak grove. >> the alternate plan will put it here near the vacant oakland police horse stables
5:36 pm
right now it is fenced up, there are some weeds growing. it is in a remote part as a matter of fact i had a tough time finding is that is why the opponents say they do not want the park here. >> the children of west oakland and the basketball court and into its banks to evers' by the golden state warriors and the oakland school police department. the state of the art facility has glass backboards and an astro court it was built in the last year by the warriors and the glad tidings foundation they see it as a way to foster relationship with the young students. >> just a little over a year ago this was nothing
5:37 pm
but an abandoned parking lot in a short amount time we have been able to build a place for kids to receive positive the communication with police, received to bring over the summer and know that people in the community cares about them. >> this is in conjunction with an adjacent reading and learning center that opened three weeks ago. checking traffic not to that in either direction west bound is on the left side and the site on the right side is moving well. at the top of your screen we have traffic on the 80 tried to get to the lord deck of the bay bridge not been there very quickly. south bound 1 01 is moving at medium speed, we will be back. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done?
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nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>> this just in a police chase in pleasant hill leads to a multi vehicle crash, they say bridgman officer right here near the intersection of pleasant
5:41 pm
hill road and taylor boulevard. he was tried to pull a car that ran a red light you can see that happen right here in the intersection and that is where the crash occurred, there were minor injuries nothing serious traffic was shut down for a while, the intersection was littered with debris after the crash no word yet on why the richmond police were in the pleasant hill area but we have a crew on the way it will give you answers as soon as we can i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> and world news today at least 21 people were killed and 141 others were injured when a series of explosions rocked densely populated areas of india during the evening rush-hour several areas of moon by were attacked, additional information were not--mumbi were attacked, memories of a series of attack that killed
5:42 pm
other people's previously had been looming. >> now one take off this hour plane crashed into this bear an area near to neighborhoods. in the philippines, the search is on for two kidnapped american and filipino relatives. investigators say that armed men conducted the three as they were vacationing they were expected back in manila, but the victims were forced at gunpoint on to boats headed towards an island, no one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping or ask for a ransom. >> next week we will finally start to warm back up i will have a complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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phone that hits the market tomorrow. >> this keeps the slide out physical feature >> bought the of droid pete 2 had a 3.7 in. screen, the new one has a 4 in. screen. it is on the market tomorrow. >> taking a live look outside from the golden gate bridge more sunshine and what we have seen in afternoons past, but we will see a return overnight. fog and and drizzle for tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon breezy went again and cooler temperatures. we will have warming as we head into next week. a look at our satellite picture where the of fog and is situated this afternoon up and down the coastline but a little more broken up. also over san francisco, broken fog
5:47 pm
this afternoon and a little bit of fog over the east bay. fog will return overnight, it does not look like it will be quite extensive. i think we will see a little fog here but not as dense as places like oakland, hayward and san bruno. later in the morning the fog will push back. we will clear in the north bay in the south bay and as the later afternoon hours, the fog will move towards a san francisco. a look at temperatures for tomorrow starting of the day in the '50s as you head out of the door, definitely grab your jacket off especially with the drizzling, you may need your umbrella. temperatures warming up nicely in afternoon but the later afternoon hour will not bring us much warming, 75 said rosa, 76 fairfield, 585 is go and 59 in san jose. in
5:48 pm
the that the kron470 around the bay forecast. it is cool and foggy weather for the next several days. temperatures will start to warm up to 90 degrees inland on tuesday and staying a little bit warmer into wednesday as well. >> here is stanley roberts and that found some people behaving badly. your >> pornographic materials hanging from a tree, empty bottles of liquor lying around and a solar panel connected to a car battery. this is just some of the stuff that was found lying around or i should say hanging around at a homeless encampment in san raphael. this by the way is called a sun shower, it is what campers use when the regular shower is not available. to get to this i need the help of the california highway patrol because the infant is right on the freeway literally. the entrance to this area is just below the
5:49 pm
signs and right through the fence. inside of this fence, you will find a lot of the thick shrubbery and about a steep 30 ft. embankment. once you get there, you will find a lot of trash everywhere along with a couple of tents, and a lot of pornographic material. it this encampment is located just above a popular trail and bike paths, along the path to the encampment are a lot of bike parts. the funny thing, disassembled bike parts always seem to be a common thread with all of the encampments i have visited. at one point an officer found a pretty sharp a machete that was hidden in the brush, a few feet away from the walking trail. not to mention this although storage container filled with kids tollways and other stuff. one of the of tents someone wrote their court date of august 9th to fight can't in ticket. different parts of the county have
5:50 pm
seen encampment's popping up almost will not see because they are hidden so well. >> i am kimberlee sakamoto here with your entertainment headlines, harry potter is casting a another spill over movie crowds. warner brothers announced that the last film in the series has broken the record for advanced ticket sales was more than 32 million sold are ready. the studio also noted that many midnight in first day showtimes are sold out across the country already. half a dozen years later in half a dozen kids later as well it looks like brad pitt in angelina chihli are ready to walk down the aisle. us weekly reports that three separate sources confirmed the wedding could take place in the next few months, one place would be their home in southeastern france and a source says that the wedding with the intimate and informal. the couple said they would only marry when same-sex marriage became legal. grammy-winning
5:51 pm
singer r. kelly could lose his home, he is facing a $2.9 million foreclosure lawsuits over claims that he has failed to make mortgage payments on his suburban mansion in chicago since june of last year. he is allegedly attempting to force the bank into a loan modification of the 3.7 a. property by not making payments on the mortgage.
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5:54 pm
>> checking wall street today, the dow jones is up more than 44 points and as that is up more than 15. we're here to talk about money, the winners and losers and why is the market up today in fact moody announce that it will review the nation's credit rating. >> that happened about three hours ago so the markets have not acted get to that. >> so that will be a feast for us tomorrow. >> that is not good because we always had credit and always pay that our debt. >> why was the market up today?
5:55 pm
>> i do not have a good answer it was one of those summer days and we drifted a little bit higher as the day went on. ben burn anke said that he would give us a little more stimulus. --ben bernank saide that he would give us a little more stimulus, he says basically the job growth is just not there at this point in time. long story short, that is probably the cause and. >> and and when we hear stimulus it means more money being put into the system. >> it means that the government is printing money to pay down our debt, and that is silly. >> a winner, >> they were a winner today, and they have announced a tablet it is for real, it is a reade thatr will compete with the ipad. that may drive the price is a little lower, maybe it will use a flash and do a couple things that apple is not using. i'd think it is a
5:56 pm
competitor to apple because amazon has every service that apple has, they have an online video store, an online music store. they have a storage locker, for middle america who shops at wal-mart, absolutely for that to snob, they will still purchase their apple products. >> another winner, ebay hey pal announces something new. >> it is called communication, near field. the big thing will be a swiping your phone at mcdonald's or swiping close to terminals, it is a reality, step one, we are moving towards a couple years from now the to be a multibillion-dollar business. >> he said that details are losers? >> yes, there was a study out recently and basically the harvard study says that the tales are making us that in america with you friday, saute them, even if they are held--prepared in a healthy
5:57 pm
manner they break down to fast. americans are getting fatter and fatter. i guess what i'm trying to say is that many years ago we were told that eggs were bad for your heart in learned later that that was not necessarily the case. you may find details come out with a new way of marketing themselves like ukon gold and they will drop that named the tail. but marketing is something that we have to be aware of. now today we have a special you need a column of mine on the financial stocks if they report decent numbers are bad numbers and the stocks moved up, we have to wait and see will be in the next couple of days. >> thank you. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m. how you could pay the price for the federal debt. plus, new fallout from the phone hacking scandal that forced a newspaper to shut down how it is starting to chip away at of rupert murdoch's ambitions. how a to what stopped mail delivery for an entire bay area neighborhood.
5:58 pm
>> downtown san francisco patchy fog i will have details coming up the news at 6:00 p.m. is up next. i want to crush more cars.
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>> the man who kidnapped, raped and held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years tells his wife how to take pictures of kids in a park without cutting costs. now how you can pay the price if lawmakers do not come to an agreement and how a chihuahua put mail delivery on hold for an entire bay area neighborhood.
6:01 pm
>> no charges for deshon marmen he is the young man that was kicked off of a plane and arrested for wearing sagging pants. the case was dismissed that was the announcement today by the san retail district attorney's office. it all started nearly one month ago on june 15th deshon marmen was arrested on suspicion of battery after refusing to comply with the crew members on board a u.s. airways plane. they told him to pull up his sagging pans. he was then taken into custody and booked into the san mateo county jail on june 17th his first court appearance was postponed as the prosecutor said they needed more time to review the case. on july 12th supporters held a rally at san for cisco city hall insisting that deshon marmen a star college athlete was discriminated against because he was african- american today july 13th the district attorney says that the office will not
6:02 pm
prosecute we spoke with his attorney joe o'sullivan. >> i was elated as well as his family we expected it but to have it happen was great. be prepared for a trout, i am sure we would have won but to not have to go through that and for him to be able to get back to football this is terrific. he did not do anything wrong he was initially charged with trespassing that was going on a plane after he went and three security gates, that a boarding pass, went through the causeway was seated with all of his luggage stolen away and that is when they went and started jamming him. he thinks that he was singled out because he was dressed as a hip hopper young african-american with it dreads. he committed no crime. he was not offensive to the pilot. i think that
6:03 pm
they should have a dress policy or someone else may fall prey to this. >> the attorney also added that despite complaints from passengers about this person, a cross the dresser was a frequent flier on u.s. airways he has never been asked to do anything about his attire. that is another reason that he feels the u.s. airways and need to apologize to deshon marmen and put in a dress code policy. u.s. airways had this to say about today's decision. we welcome the district attorney's decision today, and hope it will help mr. martin and his family moved past this incident we believe that our crew and employees acted professionally in dealing with this unfortunate situation. >> tonight begin a behind- the-scenes look at a convicted sexual predator. the el dorado county district attorney's office released videos of phillip garrido taken while he was on federal and state parole to show the flaws in the system. the videos are disturbing.
6:04 pm
>> this video begins showing scenes of a playground and then you hear phillip real telling his wife nancy to pretend to film him playing his guitar but really videotape the children instead. >> this is the result. >> and this video you see a state parole agent to bring the home sometime between 2000 and 2007. jaycee dugard was held captive by garrido during this entire period. >> we have been sleeping in there. >> why is this boardwalk? >> the video was videotaped by nancy garrido quizzes the parole agent about what he could do for them. >> what is a parole agent do for the parolee? >> you can come into the office and we will discuss it at an appropriate time. right now and try to conduct
6:05 pm
a search if you stay in this front room i will not have to place you in any restraints. >> the video concludes with a shot of garrido and the agent coming in from the backyard the agents seemed oblivious to the fact that jaycee dugard was being held captive that there. the district attorney read documents the telling the supervision of garrido. in november 1988 after a previous rate victim of a real said that she spotted him near her office electronic monitoring of the real is suggested but the parole agent writes that electronic monitoring would be too much of a hassle. on february 15, 1991 the parole officer writes that this is a strange couple. i have an uneasy feeling with this guy. less than four months later, garrido and his wife snatched it jaycee dugard off of the street where she is held in captivity and raped for 18 years. >> the district attorney decided to read the videos of garrido at the playground and other documents to show
6:06 pm
everything that went wrong with the supervision of garrido when he was on parole. the eldorado county district attorney's expected to talk more about this at a public meeting next month. i am dan kerman with kron4 news. >> and another bay area tourists has suffered a fatal accident in hawaii, the second such accident in two days. rob fladeboe has details of the drowning of the sunnyvale man not on the big island of hawaii. >> please of the big island of hawaii identify the man that drowned as 22 year-old paul tam-mai they said that he was climbing the rocks when he was swept out to sea. >> my understanding is that a large wave came in in pretty much pick them up and slammed him against xerox and from there he dropped into the water and dropped it out. >> the police said that he is not the first person to paris in the often time unpredictable waters south east of hilo. >> over the years we have
6:07 pm
had fatalities in that area. the war was rather rough that day from what the officers say who went to the scene. but the ocean is always dangerous. >> saturday police say that 44 year old david potts and died after he was swept into a blow hole while hiking the beach in maui. rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >> a live look outside you can see plenty of sunshine but closer to the coastline we see that fog. tickets the satellite pictures and down the coastline we still see fog conditions. we see some lingering patches of fog through the east bayshores. temperatures are quite cool this evening. 59 redwood city, 60 in hayward, a little warmer for the inland valleys. as for tonight and
6:08 pm
tomorrow coastal and they fog this evening. --bay fog this evening. i will tell you all about the warmer weather and are extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. we will be right back after this. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year. your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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6:11 pm
>> a menlo park woman has died after being shot while sitting in a car, a 19 year old kathryn fisher guide this afternoon the police said the shooting happened in the 2500 block of east palo alto to is after 2:00 this afternoon and another woman in a man were in that car, so far no arrests have been made. if you have any information or if you saw the shooting you are asked to call the police live in the news room i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> the search for seven americans missing since a charter fishing boat sank off the coast of mexico
6:12 pm
nearly two weeks ago is over now. the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy have both suspended their searches. the coast guard said that it search more than 7,300 mi. on 10 missions to the area where the boat sank, all seven of the men are from the bay area. officials say that there's still no sign of them. meanwhile, today family and friends came together to remember the only man that was confirmed killed in this tragic. leslie ye worked for the san francisco chronicle for 37 years. his family says they live well and died doing what he loved which was fishing. relatives of some of the missing men as well as several survivors of the accident attended today's services. they say that more should be done to bring those lost at sea back home. >> hearing the news that the search and rescue is stopped as of yesterday's is like having a love one on life-support and somebody
6:13 pm
pulling the plug. any hope that any of the families have of finding the seven had all but diminished yesterday. >> the navy has agreed to send divers in there and cooperate with mexico to make that happen. i'd is important because we are americans and because leslie fall for our country and albert. we have one american back, let us bring the other americans back. >> just want some clothes for the families if i was out there i wanted to bring them home so that the family can have a process like we had today and get on with their lives. not knowing is a terrible feeling. >> family members of the missing men are trying to raise money for a private search effort. we will be right back.
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
>> a frustrated president obama do poorly walked out of a meeting today dora president angrily told them enough is enough we have to
6:17 pm
be willing to compromise it should not be about positioning and politics and i will see you all tomorrow. this is new evidence that as the deadline for dealing with the deficit draw closer and closer republicans and democrats seem to be getting farther and farther apart. >> i feel like we are at that point where things are coming apart. the republican head of the house finance committee talking with the head of the federal reserve bank. ben bernanke says that america's inability to pay its creditors will throw shock waves through the financial system. at the doomsday prediction had failed to sway the anti-tax republicans like presidential candidate michelle bachman. >> people across america are saying that the spending is what has to be addressed. >> democrats said that spending cuts alone cannot cut been a gap, and the huge deficit was actually created by republicans if who slashed taxes without reducing spending. when ronald reagan took office
6:18 pm
back in 1981 the u.s. was only $74 billion in debt. his tax cuts and doubled the debt in eight years. by the time that bill clinton became president of the number had doubled again. he raised taxes and left office with a budget surplus almost as big as the debt he inherited of george w. bush took back surplus and slashed taxes again the result was a half trillion dollars debt. while the u.s. added 3 million jobs during the bush administration the number was seven times higher under president clinton. the government debt problem could hit you in the wallet, we explain how that debate could mean a financial fallout for all of us. >> why has the fault in the dirtiest word in washington to debt ceiling debate. it will be a first of its kind financially fit for the u.s.. but one expert offers this analogy. >> it would be like if you had a car, and you took all
6:19 pm
the oil out of the engine that is basically the equivalent of what would happen in the financial system. >> market turmoil could sink the value of 401 k, retirement investments and the u.s. dollar potentially adding a premium to anything on store shelves that is imported. >> there would be higher prices across the board it will be difficult to get loans for individuals, for small businesses. >> mortgages would be virtually out of reach slowing down an already housing market. >> that means for consumers interest rates would skyrocket, you would not be able to borrow money. >> and so everything from cars, a college education will be more expensive. >> that will add up over time it will affect mortgage rates, credit card rates, it would affect everything that they pay on
6:20 pm
a loan. >> and checks for social security and military pay would be affected as well. >> new pressure from wall street, moody's investment services is that they would downgrade the government. they will review the triple a bond rating because of the white house and congress are running out of time to raise the 14 trillion dollar borrowing limit. >> a foggy morning again and tomorrow. temperatures in the '50s to start the day. by noon, patchy fog is expected to linger over san francisco and the east bayshores. the temperatures will cool down a couple of degrees over what we saw today. here is a look at track fog for tomorrow morning not as extensive for
6:21 pm
the north bay but through the inland valleys and down through the south bay it will be pushing back to the coastline a little quicker. coming back to sentences go and then into the later afternoon hours we could see some lingering patches of fog. a look at temperatures tomorrow beginning to cool down a couple of degrees in some places a lot more sixties out there. 66 in san raphael. 58 in san francisco, los '70s for the inland valleys, 69 in livermore. we also see 60 for the bayshore and a mixture of '60s and '70s and south bay. in looking your extended forecast, cooler fog the weather will stick with us for the next couple of days in december we will see a warm up and that will continue into early next week. low 90s inland by tuesday and will start to feel like summer into mid next week. >> mail sits waiting to be
6:22 pm
picked up on the five counterplot in vallejo that is where residents have won nearly one week without a mail is, the post office discontinued service when a postal employee claimed that a dog was intentionally let loose on the carrier. residents say that the lack of mail delivery is more than just an inconvenience for many of the neighbors. >> there are a lot of retirees and elderly on my block. we cannot get their mail for them, some get their prescriptions through the mail, they cannot get that either. we should not be reprimanded for what they have done and if they have done anything that is that that they should've taken up with them and not a whole block. that the postal service and a second carrier out to deliver the mail this afternoon. >> right now we want the viewers to stop whatever they are doing or do some multitasking and head to our kron4 facebook fan page for your chance to enter our new sweepstakes we are giving away 10 e-readers some
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people may be wondering what is a cobo e-reader it has something that the amazon kidndle does not have it is portable light weight and small it can hold about 100 books. it can hold even more because it has a micro sd slot. you have to be a fan on facebook so it to our facebook fan page, click like in injure now for your chance to win a new kobo e- reader stay with us, more news after the break.
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6:26 pm
>> news courtesan dropped its bid to gain full control of b sky b. becomes after the huge phone scandal shocking the news of the world.
6:27 pm
>> facing widespread public and direct and growing political pressure, rupert murdoch withdrew its bid to take over b sky b becoming the latest casualty of the phone hacking scandal murdoch shutdown news of the world on sunday because the tabloid repeatedly hacked people and threaten to get stories. now british lawmakers have called on round rupert murdoch and his son james and former news editor rebecca brooks to testify before parliament next week. >> and i think they should attend, and less rupert murdoch and james murdock both decided not to attend then they would have said goodbye to britain and will
6:28 pm
not be able to run anything in this country anymore. >> the family of milly who was murdered in 2002 had her phone hacked by the news of the world. but not enough is enough, this is too much power for one organization and people have to stop and listen. >> british police said that they have identified nearly 4000 potential targets of the phone hacking. >> a look at our extended forecast, fog the cool days ahead of us for the next several days. we will warm up into next week i will have a full forecast coming up stay with us all the top stories are coming up right after the break.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> the san mateo the attorney's office announced that they will not charge deshon marmen he was arrested after an incident on the u.s. airways airplane
6:31 pm
that stemmed from him wearing sagging pants. it was all captured on you to the. this case is not over yet that is because deshon marmen attorney says that he is old and apology for the incident and that they may plan on suing u.s. airways and civilly. teresa estacio with kron4 news. >> and el dorado county district attorney has released videos taken by phillip and nancy garrido while philip garrido was on parole. in this one, you can see that the real is taking pictures of children at a playground. the district attorney's office decided to release these videos as well as documents to showcase everything that went wrong with the supervision of garrido while he was on parole. the d.a. will talk more about this at a public meeting next month. i am then permit with kron4 news. >> officials at oakland police headquarters said they need the community's help in solving a recent backpacked robbery that is connected with the shooting of a 19 year-old resident right outside of this home
6:32 pm
on 25th ave. the oakland police say that the victim refused to give up his backpack prior to receiving a life-threatening gunshot wound. at this time investigators said they have very limited information on the suspect in this case and any the community's help to get this one solved. at oakland police headquarters hogs eat menu with kron4 news. >> the team-- >> at the oakland police headquarters i am hazzig manyud with kron4 news. >> now this is the young man you may remember from back in june, ivonne garcia lopez lopez was leaving a sow with her two kids and their father and two men walked up opening fire on them killing her baby. she was at the court hearing today, she was shot when this happened last month, today was the first time that she attended one of the court hearings without the use of a wheelchair reporting in san mateo county j.r. stone with kron4
6:33 pm
news. >> and san francisco, the one fisherman whose body was recovered from the charter boat that sank in the sea of cortez and july 3rd was remembered here at a memorial service at some of the survivors were in attendance morning their friend but happy to be alive. you can see it this video, there was a lot of emotion especially amongst the relatives of some of the seven men that were still lost at sea. >> in san francisco we are learning more details about the 20 year-old man that was shot and killed on webster street near hays monday night his name was john wilson he attended this youth program since he was in the eighth grade. i spoke with the program director that said that he recently visited and yet plans to go to college in the fall. police were investigating a call of shots fired wilson was shot in the head and he died at the scene. no arrests have been made. to >> in sunnyvale, the community is mourning the
6:34 pm
loss of the 22 year-old who drowned over the weekend in hawaii. we are told that tam-mai was swept out to seek. the sheriff says that the area is known for rough waters and several fatalities in recent years. >> on the facebook fan page many viewers were leaving their comments and condolences on the story. here is a look, this is a reminder to travelers writing that it is very unfortunate but people need to use common sense, mother nature is beautiful but can be dangerous. i haven't traveled to hawaii dozens of times and if the water is too rough i get out. our view is not worth taking a chance to climb out on rocks. very sad. >> in san jose, a resident is holding up a sign to get people to slow down 71 year- old sheri williams says that
6:35 pm
cars go too fast, much more faster than the posted 25 mi. per hour speed limit she says that she would do this for six days this week in hopes of getting the traffic in this neighborhood to slow down. >> an open dog owners and neighbors are at odds try to put a dog park at lake merritt, the city is hearing from both sides they have different ideas about where the park belongs. the original plan will fence off a half acre at the corner of lakeshore. another plan puts it took about nine fairyland. oakland only has five dog parks. in oakland, i am aubrey aquino with kron4 news. >> a puppy named at his has been returned after being taken from the spca. police say that a man was denied an adoption but took off with the puppy any way. police
6:36 pm
found him at the man's apartment and he is now safe and sound and awaiting adoption once again. >> in san francisco, living social rolled out a special deal in the city $1 lunches. the marketing stunt was a big success there reported more than 14,000 lunches were sold in the city for $1 on wednesday. lines could be seen wrap it around many quarters as people waited to get their $1 lunch periods away that it works you have to download the free application on to your smart phone. it will tell you what deals that you can get in the area that you are in. i am jeff bush with kron4 news. >> this is the droid 3 androi smartd phone that hits the market tomorrow here is a sneak peek. >> here it is compared to the drod 2 the droid 3 is in my right hand, the droid 2
6:37 pm
is in my left. it is on the market tomorrow with a two- year contract i am gabe slate with kron4 news. >> are big weather story tonight continues to be the topic. notice the fog not nearly as bad as what we have seen in the past couple of days. in the could the satellite pictures, fog leading to the san mateo coastline. also around the shore as we head into the overnight our fog will return especially close the coastline and a little drizzle will come with it. tomorrow morning, fog for our bayshores and in an valleys. starting to scale back by 9:00. we will not see much change over the next few days. the fog and drizzle in the morning and the cool and breezy afternoon. but as we head into the weekend we will see temperatures warm up on sunday and will continue
6:38 pm
that trend into early next week hitting the low 90s in the inland valleys. stay with us we will be back after this.
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>> the show because we the people it has been picked up in seven major markets. she gained celebrity status including her high clients like tiger woods mistress. now into the--now angelina gillian brad pitt could be getting married, rumors have swirled before but the couple said they will marry only with same-sex marriage becomes illegal. it may not win a pulitzer prize but a second novel by the jersey shore member nicole "sn
6:42 pm
ooky"follows at 2 cousins that are sure to have the sexiest summer ever. it coming--is coming out next may. we have sports coming up with gary.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> what did she say? there was no need to raise your voice. >> you are an older man i did not raise my voice. >> i look pretty good how look to you? yes, i have the microphone on. >> if you keep fussing at me. >> i cannot help it. >> do you want my microphone? >> yes get me your
6:46 pm
microphone. thank you pam. very good, we go. >> now you want to apologize? >> it was my fault i do not even know why i raise my voice to you what is cute is that we are live, i thought we were taping this. it is live? ok. >> it looks like 1999 all over again, over the great cost the team when everyone selling love it with them here we go. the u.s. a vs france. 10 the united states, a win today and they're on to the world cup finals in the 79th minute, amy, they call on her and is to to 1 united states, then alex morgan from a difficult angle took to the thing away and the united states, what a party. in the first world cup since they won the title
6:47 pm
in 19993 to 1 usa will play japan on sunday. now this is a 90 ft. kicked look at this this is an earthquake. not trust me, it went in. anyway, they won the exhibition game last evening over west brunwich. david bingham a 90 ft. gold, the goalie delivered the goods. a number of stars skip last night's all-star baseball game how did that affect them? lowest audience in history for the " midsummer classic "it is no secret. ratings and everything went down. but the fact remains, this is the all-star game and used to be until the playoffs,
6:48 pm
the highest rated deal, any way down 13% from last year down 24% from 2009. brian wilson got to show off, no, not that many spectators but he was back to their rocking a little tight fitting took sealed tonight at the espn awards. brian just wants to go about his business and not have everyone in his face, but they have him out there. whatever this guy is doing, as long as they win, there is the young beetle. she has talent, some of those reporters are there for a reason of the little girl has a talent. tonight the season premiere of the documentary giants story on showtime. them but i do a lot of training, i train my feet my hands everything, that is the way i train. >> he is a big boy. >> without question this is
6:49 pm
the most fun i have ever had. >> you can i get pulled over in an unmarked police vehicle. >> he got in my car and got the backseat and then just walk in there. >> is one of those bills, they have been following them since spring training since the documentary if you are a giants fan, i was listening to some clips today myself if you are a giants fan, you will love it i just wonder if you are in the midwest or not a giants fan, to see that he has a beard, >> they say they do not have any bad boys on the team. >> what i said i did not think he would go show off mode all season so wilson will. but i was listening to the producer and they said they will try to feature him in every episode. brian wilson has a chance to have people look at him for a run through the end of august, that is fair enough. anyway, you want to apologize for what took place at the beginning of the segment? >> you know you are wearing my microphone. >> it was my fault. now the
6:50 pm
nfl lockout is over all parties disney their lawyers to say this is the language, let us get it done. the biggest story today, the pittsburgh steelers' defensive star james harris and went off talking about the commissioner right there of the nfl, or is that there was on fire and i had to urinate, he did as a urinate but he said i had to urinate to put him out i would not do it i hate him and will never respect him. >> now stayed 11 of the tour de frauds, 103 mi. into the mountain. there we go, the british sprinter market wins with three hours of 42 minutes and seven seconds. the frenchman retains the yellow jersey for another day. now when return an issue that began with hall of famer joe morgan is now being picked up by will davis. why don't inner-city
6:51 pm
african-american baseball players want to play the sport? they are going away from baseball playing basketball and football. will is standing by and he is ready next. it's really delicious, mom.
6:52 pm
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine.
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the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> , cal ripken and babe ruth tournament is under way in oakland. will davis of the cold and vice president a new orleans native played baseball in college and has been trying to pass on his passion to the open inner- city kids. i hehave heard this for a while the kids now wants to play baseball but it went to pay basketball and football with the big deal? >> to me, all the kids want to play baseball but it is not just of portability the thing about you have to motivate kids. i'd go to the
6:55 pm
project right aside as they have 40, 50 kids playing stickball. and i have went there in time players out of there, we just have to get those kids to realize that that field is for them. a lot of the kids that i talked to that i went around and talk with and interviewed and stuff, but they do not feel like they have the right to play on that field. >> so when you say they placed it all, they're playing but just among themselves but they do not have the money. have you convince someone in these tough economic times, everyone is worried about themselves and their families how you convince them to get over and help you? >> it does not take a lot, it really does not take a lot, you have to do a little fund raising here in there for the kids. they're not asking for a lot may lead, if you come out there and help, that is the biggest problem that we have now. we do not have enough people helping the money issue we understand but the help, we need more help. >> it is so much like a
6:56 pm
cliche, your kids from the upper parts of town, is that indeed true? listen, without a helping hand they may go to do things that are against the law so to speak rather than playing sports without help? >> if you catch them at this early age that is what we are doing catching them at an early age right now. and you have those kids that want to come there, you have to get them there. i mean, they are not being in trouble the younger kids are not getting in trouble kids do not have anything to do. that is with basketball, baseball will ever. >> you know we see that there are 10 percent of baseball players in the majors are african-american, does that play a role? >> money situations and economics plays a lot of roles and a lot of things, basketball, baseball baseball is one of those courts that you have to work at it more. >> we will put everything on our web site but a, someone saw you this, what position did you play? >> shortstop, third base
6:57 pm
and center field. >> are you getting better as you are getting older? >> i am getting slower. >> it was nice to meet you. >> we will see you at 8:00 p.m. this is will davis. want t. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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6:59 pm
halle berry's restraining order. >> will she have to face her alleged stalker in court? >> i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> the man has been arrested. >> halle berry says she is extremely frightened. >> the suspect has a violent criminal record. >> the cops outside of the frightened oscar winner's house. >> she called 911 and tried to lock herself in her own home. >> panicking and in fear of my life, i hit the dead bolt lock on the glass door. >> the restraining order bombshell, as other crazed fans face our cameras. >> this is hollywood. they tend to favor their own. >> new schwarzenegger. >> is arnold racing to write a tell-all and son patrick working as a hall cop. >> "transformers" rosie huntington-whiteley, stripped down to just a trench code.

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